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Truva Pirinç Ürünleri was established in 2009 in Çerkezköy Velimeşe Industrial Zone to manufacture and buying and selling brass rods, valves. In 2010, it stopped manufacturing valve and continued to manufacture Brass Rod. In 2011, it started to produce Brass Rods and Brass Wedges in its production facility in Istanbul Esenyurt with a production capacity of 500 tons per month with a range of round, four corners, six corners, terminal blocks, blades and profiles between 03-12 mm. Between 2012 and 2013, it has strengthened its machinery and has been able to produce in all sizes and has a large market share in the sector. It produces brass rods and brass wedges in all kinds of cross sections with its experienced staff in its factory in Istanbul Esenyurt, in accordance with European and American Norms as well as customer requirements. As Press Material and Caliber; in addition to round, square, rectangular hexagonal, octagonal bars etc., it produces special profiles of different sizes and shapes and billets of desired diameter and length up to 200 mm. Currently, it continues production in its 2200 m2 factory in Esenyurt.

Occupational Health Policy

Relating to the OHS management system, we, as Truva Pirinç Ürünleri, provide
– To ensure that it is understood, implemented and sustainable by taking into consideration all employees and all departments of OHS policy and to take all necessary measures in this direction,
– To protect the occupational health and safety of our employees, which we regard as the most valuable resource, and to comply with all kinds of occupational health and safety and legal regulations, in particular to comply with the rules related to accident prevention and safety,
– To set new goals and targets every year, to ensure the continuous development of our ISG System and to be one of the leading companies in the field of copper alloys and brass production in OHS issues,
– To set new goals and targets every year, to ensure the continuous development of our ISG System and to be one of the leading companies in the field of copper alloys and brass production in OHS issues,
– To ensure the safety of machinery, equipment and facilities used in our activities and operational safety in processes, services and activities,
– To contribute to the development of responsibility awareness by enabling our managers and employees to understand their place and responsibilities in this system through the training programs we will organize,
– To improve productivity with continuous improvement in occupational health and safety management system,
– To provide the necessary resources for the effective operation of the occupational health and safety management system,
– To conduct periodic inspections to confirm that the OHS management system is operating effectively,
– To minimize the impact of possible work accidents,
– To establish a good and effective communication channel with the public agencies, authorities, suppliers, subcontractors, non-governmental organizations, local people, the whole community and other stakeholders on OHS issues.

Quality Policy

It is our policy that our products comply with all relevant standards along with quality, performance and reliability. Our goal is to meet customer needs and expectations at the lowest cost and with the desired delivery time, to ensure continuity in quality and reliability. In order to achieve this goal, our company, as TRUVA PİRİNÇ ÜRÜNLERİ METAL SAN. TİC. LTD. ŞTİ., adopts the principle of being in harmony with all employees and the organizations with which it does business, and prioritizes education, cooperation and mutual respect. The quality management system, which was established in line with the aims we have determined, aims to establish and develop the conditions that will constitute the quality, and considers the protection of the environment as a requirement of responsibility and respect towards the society in which it lives in its modern business approach. TRUVA METAL’s top management ensures that the time, information, training, money, tools and equipment, labor and control mechanisms necessary for the realization of all these objectives are established.

Environmental Policy

We declare and commit that to comply with all environmental legislation and administrative regulations in force and concerning TRUVA PİRİNÇ ÜRÜNLERİ METAL SAN.TİC. LTD. ŞTİ. , to keep all our solid, liquid and gas wastes under control and do not dispose of harmful wastes to the environment as much as possible, to dispose of all non-recycling waste, to ensure efficient use of energy, raw materials and natural resources, to provide our employees with the best possible working environment, to keep our Environmental Management System up to date according to new developments, to carry out the necessary activities to raise environmental awareness among our employees in order to reach our environmental targets, on request, to keep our Environmental Management System open to public scrutiny.


As Truva Pirinç Ürünleri, we send bars whose process has finished and ready for shipment to the storehouse, according to the customer’s demand, after being covered with nylon in ties in weights ranging from 500 to 1000 kg, the rods are connected to steel rods by means of steel hoops in 3 places so that the rods are not damaged. It is defined and labeled as per order. Our company, which started to export in 2010, continues to work in order to take part in the international market like how it has the share in the domestic market with the investments it has made for the development of quality production. It works with European Union Countries, Middle East and Far East companies and continues its research. The containers are loaded in such a way as to prevent the rods from being thrown, disintegrated during long journeys, loading and unloading. According to the requirement, loading as 1000 kg or 500 kg in packing cases is done.


When we look at the current market conditions, there are scrap outflows except for processed materials abroad and this is a big problem for many companies in the sector. Companies have started to search for new raw materials due to the fact that they cannot meet their raw material needs at home and also most of the raw materials are sent abroad. We, as Truva Pirinç Ürünleri, continue to maintain our ties with the companies abroad as well as the domestic companies and maintain the continuity in our raw material resources.


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